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Wish you could understand what is going on inside your child's brain?


Tired of programs that aren't working or only giving you strategies that teach your child how to compensate with their struggles?

Behaviours, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence, all get in the way of learning.

The power of a mother 's dedication is strong and so are you! The past 6 years I have learned the root cause, and what I could do about it. Not only am I going to teach about what is going on in your child's brain, but also how you can help so they don't have to struggle any more.

The foundational levels of the brain are responsible for setting the stage for every human being to regulate:

  • balance and coordination

  • emotions

  • behaviours

  • physical structures

  • external/internal sensations

  • proprioception

  • impulse control

  • attention & focus

  • fight-flight-freeze

  • bonding/attachment

  • social skills

  • language function

  • gross/fine motor skills and overall brain function later in life.

 You will not learn “quick fix” compensations in this program. You will learn what may be the root cause of issues, and how you can correct them.  

This program takes time and is challenging, requiring dedicated, daily consistent work, but as with all things worthwhile, the results are more than worth it.

You can put the time in now or you can put the time in forever!

How it works

Functional Neurological Assessment

Assessment of visual motor skills, developmental movement, and the efficiency of brain function

NeuroDevelopmental Movement Plan

You will be personally trained and coached how to properly implement the plan. Which included sequenced movements, sensory integration, vestibular stimulation, and reflex integration


Re-assessment of visual motor skills, developmental movements, and brain functions

What's included in the program ?

6 months ONLINE program plan with training videos. I will teach you how to implement each activity.

You will implement the plan daily for about 20 -30 mins a day.

Activities and games to keep your child entertained during the program

Step by step resource book

Learning activities for motor skills

Learning activities for academics

Reward and Planning system

Checklist and Journal

24 live weekly teaching sessions and 24 Live Q & A  sessions

  • The Path the brain takes for development

  • Normal neurological functions

  • Abnormal neurological functions

  • Assessment and what results mean for your child

  • Root causes of reading struggles, sensory disorders, anxiety, motor skills,memory, focus and attention etc.

  •  NeuroDevelopmental Movement client speaker


A community of support in a private Facebook group

Everyone is going to start at the same time at the same level

24 hour support from coaches


Tara C.

Alexandra is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her job.I have seen very positive results from the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program

Janet M.

All of my daughter’s progress would not have been as successful without the NDMP help. My daughter continues to progress in both her academics and social interactions. Alexandra understands the daily struggles we have gone through and provides constant reassurance

Julie O.

I highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from any neurological disorder or  problems. We tried everything but this was the piece we were missing

Starting March 2021

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