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In our skull, we have fluid that cushions our brain to keep it from banging into our skull. When your head is hit hard, your brain can crash into your skull, causing a concussion. This trauma cause disruption in normal brain function. If not severe most recommended treatment is rest and limited physical and mental activities. Recovery time varies from person to person, and some say days to months. But what if your symptoms aren't getting better.

No one understands....

Are you feeling like no one is listening to you or no one is even going to begin to understand what you are going through?


Rest hasn't helped your symptoms. Headaches are constant and daily with eye pain, and suddenly, you are very sensitive to sounds.


Just going grocery shopping is out of the question because it seems to make your symptoms worse, and you become very irritable.

Trying quiet activities such as reading isn't even doable because you may start to see double, lose your spot, and have increase pressure in your head.

You've tried to get back to life as normal, but it's not the same; even trying to keep up with conversations is a struggle and your memory is not what it used to be.


What if I told you I get it ..... I am listening


I work with so many clients that share with me their daily struggles.

And the other reason I get it is that there is a part of your brain where your automatic functions aren't able to perform their jobs, so your higher function part of your brain, your move advance skills need to fill in and now unable to perform its own jobs.

That was the easiest way to explain it in a nutshell without getting into too much scientific brain talk.

So, for example:

Sounds sensitivity: well, before your concussion, sounds didn't bother you. After the concussion, now you can't even stand someone putting away dishes.


This is because in your brain, you have a filtering system that filters any sensory information that comes into your brain. When that filtering system isn't working, your brain is letting too much information to the point where it can actually be painful.

If this sounds familiar and you want to know  more book a FREE CONSULTATION.


There are activities we can do to address the brain and improve in these areas.

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