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Brain Connect

Grow new connections in the brain to build focus and self regulation.

As a parent, it can be painful to watch your child struggle with their schoolwork, impulse control, and lack of attention, despite trying their absolute hardest to stay organized.


" Behind every young child who believes in  himself is a parent who believed first"

~Matthew Jacobsen

You have this strong desire to provide the best life possible for your child, which then leaves you somehow feeling responsible for their struggles.

As a result, you inevitably feel overwhelmed and stuck, not knowing what therapy or program to use. 


You've already explored numerous strategies to manage your child’s struggles. The chances are that you have only seen little improvements in most of them.

Understanding the underlying causes of their struggle can help you feel less drained and stressed.

Brain Connect can dramatically improve a child’s mood, attention, learning abilities, reduce anxiety, and so much more!

mom frustrated with child



An innovative approach for individuals to overcome attention issues.

Improve organizational skills, concentration, and self-regulation.


Brain Connect is a NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program

The power of a parent's dedication is LIMITLESS! During the past 6 years, I have learned the underlying causes of why my son couldn't read at 10 years old or why he would have meltdowns that instantaneously went from 0-100. The most important thing I LEARNED was THERE WAS SOMETHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT! 

Not only am I going to teach you how to identify what's going on in your child's brain, but how to help your child through this process so they won't have to struggle anymore.

Brain activity

What is it?

"The attention and environment you provide shapes your child's brain development for life."

~Erik Erikson

Brain Connect is a program that you, as the parent, will implement at home with your child.  This program consists of neurodevelopmental movements, such as creeping, crawling, whole body reflexive patterns, vestibular and sensory stimulation; by implementing these movements every day, you build new brain connections. When you create new connections, you start to see your child's improvements in various areas such as emotional regulation, learning abilities, behaviours, and motor skills.


Assessment Process

  • An in-depth discussion of your child's history and first year of life


  • You will be instructed on using the Neurological Functional Assessment (NFA) tool.


  • Your child will perform specific activities that elicit a response from the brain.


  • Record observations on NFA tool

  • Develop an individualized Neurodevelopmental Movement Plan for your child

  • Use the information collected to identify the brain's underdevelopment (gaps).

  • Fill the gaps with the matching Neurodevelopmental Movements( exercises)

  • Determine the frequency, intensity, and duration of the movements (exercises) that will reorganize the brain

Parent Education

You will get a comprehensive overview about brain development

You will be able to Identify:

  • The different levels of the Central Nervous System(the brain): Medulla, Pons, Midbrain, and cortex 

  • The skillset that correlates with each level

  • The factors that can impact normal neurological development

  • The factors that contribute to challenging behaviours

Parent education for the brain

Parent Training

Parents will:

  • Participate in Neurodevelopmental Movements activities

  • Experience sensory input and output of movements

  • Parents will have experiential knowledge of the sequence of the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program to teach their children.

Parent Resources for implementation

  • Training videos

  • A personalized daily plan

  • A weekly journal to record improvements

  • Fun and engaging activities and games

  • Step-by-step resource book

  • Learning activities for improving motor and learning skills

  • Live weekly teachings and Q & A session

This program is not a way to diagnose your child or access a quick solution and magically resolve the issues you are facing.


The process can be long and complicated; however, with the right support and expert help to make it through, you will feel like you're finally making progress when it comes to helping your child's development. "

Brain Connect takes time and is challenging, requiring dedicated, consistent daily work, but as with all things worthwhile, the results are more than worth it.


Alexandra Lily

A Developmental Movement Consultant who diligently searched for answers for her own son, Cameron, who has special needs, discovered the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program. Cameron experienced life-changing growth through this program, causing Alexandra to train in and eventually start her Brain Development Coaching Program in order to help others experience that same transformation.


Emma Thomson

Assistant coach and Relationship Manager, who has worked along with Alexandra for 2 years. She is extremely passionate about helping others grow after being inspired by Cameron's story and others like it. Emma is dedicated to providing clients with strong support as they reach their fullest potential.


Tara C.

Alexandra is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her job. I have seen very positive results from the Brain Connect Program.

Janet M.

All of my daughter’s progress would not have been as successful without the Brain Connect Program. My daughter continues to progress in both her academics and social interactions. Alexandra understands the daily struggles we have gone through and provides constant reassurance.

Julie O.

I highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from any neurological disorder or problem. We tried everything, but this was the piece we were missing.


Valued at $6300


Single Payment

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6 monthly payments


SAVE 10%

If you want to participate in this program, but want more information, start by scheduling a free phone consultation with Alexandra now!

  • How much time is needed every day to complete the program?
    It depends on each person based on their assessment and how cooperative a child is. But you are looking at around 25 mins to 1 hour a day
  • How long does this whole program take to be completed?
    Completing the Brain Connect program varies from person to person because every brain is different. It also depends on how consistent you are in the program. The brain needs intensity, frequency, and duration to grow new connections, so the more consistent you are, the quicker you will be finished. It also depends on how severe the developmental gaps are. I have clients who finished in a year, some in 18 months, some in 2 years, and some in 3 to 4 years. I know that might seem long, but if you put the time in now, you won't have to put the time in forever.
  • What is your line of work?
    I am a Developmental Movement Consultant, and I have a background as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher.
  • Is there an ideal age to start this program?
    No, the brain is capable of change at any age. If you are an adult and interested in the program, please connect with me at I work with many adults who have suffered from concussions and traumatic brain injury.
  • I don't live in Canada. Can I still access the program?
    Yes, this program will be available online through a private Facebook group. All the live teachings are recorded, and all PDFs and forms will be uploaded to the group.
  • How is this program different from reflex integration?
    What is supposed to integrate all the primitive reflexes is the normal developmental sequence, which we replicate. They should be integrated together as part of the process, not one at a time. This is one of the significant differences in approach. They are just a tiny portion of neurology that needs to be addressed. When only working on the integration of reflexes, there is no movement piece. We need sensory input and movement output. Integrating reflexes will not correct visual-motor skills nor correct sensory systems. It is what every unimpaired, unimpeded infant does to develop good neurology. It also is global. It addresses visual, auditory, tactile, movement, language, and hand function all at the same time as it was designed to do. We do not develop any of those things independently.


Developmental Movement Consultant (DMC) educates about the Developmental Sequence and related activities. The Developmental Sequence includes patterned movements, mobility, and multi-faceted sensory experiences to encourage a richer quality of life as it pertains to the client's goals.
It is important to note that DMC does not clinically diagnose any medical conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Asperger Syndrome (ASD), PDD-NOS, and other ASD's (autism spectrum disorders). The DMC subscribes to a holistic approach based on neuromotor skill development. DMC are educators, and many are not physicians, psychologists, or credentialed mental health workers. DMC consultation services' scope does not include the treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If a client suspects that they may have an ailment, illness, or mental health concern that may require medical attention, they are encouraged to consult with a licensed physician without delay. Please note that while people generally experience richer life experiences due to implementing the Developmental Sequence activities, DMC does not promise or guarantee a cure or treat specific symptoms.

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