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Want to work with me?

Watching your child struggle is hard, receiving a diagnosis is even harder. They don't give you a brochure at the end of that appointment, or some guidance on what to do next. In my experience it has only been conversations about what my son won't be able to accomplish and what I should expect of him, which is always stated " not too much".

Knowing what to do next is overwhelming, knowing which therapies to start first is confusing, and the thought of doing it alone is heartbreaking.

I have been in this world for 12 years. My son Cameron is now 15 and I wish there was some one to guide me, someone that had already walked the path first.

I can tell you that after learning about the brain, and how it develops, I learned that the very first strategy you need to do to see hug improvements is to address the brain and behaviours.

The brain has foundational levels and if those levels are underdevelopment, therapies, and program aren't going to work as well as they should.

Due to the intensity of my program I only work with a few select clients a year. This program is ONLY for you, if you are ready to put in the hard work and have the drive and determination in CREATING..... TRANSFORMING...., AND ULTIMATELY PROMOTING LASTING CHANGE.

This one-on-one coaching program is designed to help to help you through what happens after the diagnoses,and to remind you that the diagnosis doesn't define your child, and you need to look at the child themselves.

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