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When you're feeling anxious or an anxiety attack starts, it is hard to think of coping skills and things to support you in the moment. Having an anxiety box enables you to refocus yourself and reach a state of calm.


This starter kit comes with items to get your collection started. You want to fill your box with a collection of things that can keep you grounded. Items may include written reminders, hobbies (ex., painting items, colouring items, writing materials for journal), pictures, music, scents, etc.)


The anxiety box starter kit includes:


  • Massager (instruction included on how to release cortisol using the massager)
  • Stressball
  • Calming oil
  • 4, 7, 8 Breathing instructions
  • Written reminder card -10 Positive things that impact our happiness and well being

Anxiety Box - Starter Kit

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The wooden box is handcrafted and made with Aspen and Fir. Its 13 x 8 x 6 inches.

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