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A NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program is based on normal neurological development.....

The left side of the chart represents how we take in information, how we see, how we hear, and how we feel. The left side of the chart is sensory.

The right side of the chart represents how we put out information, how we move, how we communicate, and our hand function. The right side of the chart is the motor.

Where the yellow changes to green is about when the baby starts to walk.

These first three levels develop in the first year of life. This is the most important year in our life.

These first levels are pre-cortical levels and don't speak words. You can only speak to them with movement, reflexes, and sensory experience. They form the foundation that carries us through our lives.

All the jobs that these lower levels are responsible for are things that need to happen automatically. But, unfortunately, you cannot make them happen or will them to happen.

Brief description:

From the green on up through the purple level is our cortex, the part of the brain where all our intelligence originates. This is the part of the brain that makes us human, not in terms of our soul, but in terms of what humans do, we walk, talk, read, and write. Yet, 98% of the people who come to us have little to nothing wrong with their cortex.

Intelligence is NOT the issue!

As Developmental Movement Consultants, we look at the 7 different levels of the central nervous system to see which parts of the brain are functioning optimally and which parts are not. Most of the people's concerns originate in the first 3 levels. Once we know where the gaps are in the foundation, we can then target those gaps with NeuroDevelopmental Movements.

The brain has so much neuroplasticity that if you know the right triggers and the right stimulus, you can grow new connections in the brain!

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