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"Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first"

~Matthew L. Jacobson

Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs in the world.


You can sometimes feel lost in knowing how to help your child who has a hard time focusing, impulsive, disorganized and suffers with anxiety.


Even the simplest thing, such as cleaning their room can become frustrating, homework is a battle, and school becomes difficult.

So you try different therapies and programs, hoping that one will work.

But they aren't helping and you know there is something more, but you feel so helpless.

Let me tell you that this program WORKS!



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Brain Connect Pons Level

An 8 month neurodevelopment movement program to address the root cause of your child's anxiety. 

What people are saying

"He work with my son has given him his life back. My son suffered with anxiety as well as trouble with learning. Now he is a different kid!"

~Chantel N.

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Brain Connect Program

A neurodevelopment movement program for individuals to overcome attention issues. Improve organizational skills, concentration, self-regulation and anxiety.

What people are saying

"I highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from any neurological disorder or problem. We tried everything, but this was the piece we were missing."

~Julie O.

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One on one Coaching

It doesn't matter where you are right now, how overwhelmed you feel, or if you feel like you're at the end of your rope, adopting the right mindset when it comes to implementing a neurodevelopmental movement program will make you and your child's success inevitable.

What people are saying

"Alexandra is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her job. I have seen very positive results from a neurodevelopmental movement program."

~Tara C.


Alexandra Lily

Brain Development Coach 

As a mother who has a son diagnosed with epilepsy from the age of three and was told he was never going to exceed a nine-year-old's intellect. There was no opportunity to realize that he would not live a typical life, all I had was a bucket full of limitations, an intellectual disability diagnosis, and countless hospital visits to define my son's future. I found myself dwelling on the child that I didn't have, thinking how unfair it was that we had to endure so many challenges we had already faced in the first 8 years of his life and uneasy nights where I listened to him sleep. Even at ten years old, he still could not read, only knew how to write his name, and could not be left alone to play in a playground due to lack of coordination and balance.

As a mom, I felt completely helpless!

I have been called determined and even strong, but that title comes with the hopelessness of exhausting every solution and seeing little results.

I was so dedicated to finding a solution; I tried everything. I was another parent recycling the same solutions and exhausting their finances to see little to no changes. When I felt like there was no hope, I did everything possible to identify the cause myself and what I could do about it. I felt the need to become a Developmental Movement Consultant. I became educated on neuroplasticity and discovered that using specific methods can enable the brain's capability to change. By identifying these aspects, we can offer our child a healthy, successful life that defies the diagnosis's limitations.

Here's what people are saying about Alexandra's work

Emily A.

I sustained a concussion in my mid-30s and developed severe post-concussion symptoms. I tried numerous therapies over several years, but my symptoms continued to persist.

Alexandra conducted a detailed neurological assessment to identify the problem areas of my brain and customized the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program to address these issues from the ground-up.

Alexandra is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. She worked closely with me, providing support and encouragement and adjusting my program as needed. I observed real progress over the course of the program, and it helped reduce many of my symptoms, including anxiety, poor coordination, dizziness and brain fog.

This program takes dedication, work and commitment, but I promise you it is worth it! I highly recommend the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program to anyone – young or old – who has a brain injury or is experiencing other neurological issues. I can’t thank Alexandra enough for everything she has done

Janet C.

We met and starting working with Alex about 1 year into our program. My daughter was put into a small placement class for school for grade 4 as it was recommended. This class was not where she should have been and she did not progress in the class at all. By Feb of Gr 4 she was at the same reading level as the first day of Gr 4. Luckily we were doing our exercises and had our checkins with Alex. By me working with my daughter each day doing the exercises prescribed and using levelled literacy books found online, my daughter went from a kindergarten level “e” to a grade 2 level “i” 4 months later in June of Gr 4.

She has continued her progress and we continue to work towards grade level today. All of my daughter’s progress would not have been as successful without the NR help. My daughter continues to progress in both her academics and social interactions. Alex understands the daily struggles we have gone through and provides constant reassurance and proof that the work we have put in has allowed for the development my daughter was missing. NR was our missing piece. I would suggest to anyone who has a child with any of the “ABC” diagnosis’s to look into this and reach out to Alex. It has helped my daughter. I know she will be able to have the life and aspirations she wants, not limitations given to her by her diagnosis’s.


My name is Sharon. I am a busy mom of three. I homeschooling them and work as well. I just finished neurodevelopment program with two children. Yes it was the busiest time of our families lives not going to lie. I am truly grateful we found the program. Sarah: was struggling with math, comprehension, tracking, playing the piano, Focus, Very poor memorization skills and low self esteem. Sarah did program for year and half Josh: He was born premature. Had severe reflux. Coded after surgery had to be resuscitated. Struggled with health till he was five. He was bed wetting, poor sleep, poor focus, couldn't count to ten, no math skills couldn't, couldn't read, didn't write a lot, didnt know his abc's, No empathy, very high pain tolerance, frustrated very easily, very poor tracking, comprehension and very poor memory. Couldn't work independently at all. There probably more this is just off the top of my head. Josh did program for just almost two and half years I think Sarah is doing amazing at her piano. This Christmas she got asked to play for the royal conservatory in there Christmas concert. She can play beautifully now. She was able to play a main part last year in Christmas play and performed infront of 300 people. 2019 She knocked it outta the park. This year we did a fundraiser for a homeless shelter in Durham region. Sarah was interviewed by 100.3 on the radio. She did amazing. She spoke with confidence no hesitation. She worked many hours painting Christmas ornaments to sell. She is able to do math and understand it. She can read and tell you what it is about. Better focus when she wants to. Better coordination. She is able to skate and has become flexible able to do dance which she struggled with prior to program. Josh stopped wetting the bed with in 6 weeks of program. He started sleeping through the night maybe 4 months in. I made math games apart of his creeping and crawling. He was skip counting and counting to 100 with in two months of program. He also had memory work in the Christmas play last year 2019 and recited it in front of 300 people this is a kid that couldn't handle being in a room with more than 10 people he didn't know. He was able to go to a wedding six weeks after program 120 guests behave and have the time of his life on the dance floor with flashing lights and lots of stimulation. And huge news I share tonight he is starting to read. This has been a huge struggle for him but it is starting to click. He did well this week on his spelling test. He struggles so much with that. I can now read his printing much better. Hr is able to balance and skate he is now playing hockey. All I can say is yes it's been a lot of work but the pros far out way the time I have put in. I pray that this encourages you to push on. Or if your questioning does it work it does. You have to be consistent. So only commit if your ready to put the time in. I know its not easy but it is so worth it. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Alexander interviewed me just before Christmas its on one of her pages it may explain more there. Have a great blessed day. Sorry for the length but I didn't want to leave out all the changes. I also want to tell you Alexandra Lily walks every step with you. She was an amazing coach so much so that I have a concussion injury and am starting the program for myself. I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in it.


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